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iDissent is a personal complaint writing service that gets you real results. Our consumer advocates are experts in resolving your complaint.


We are driven by a single purpose...

To assist you in getting the outcome you deserve by holding corporations to account. We do this through providing a bespoke complaint writing service that articulates your claim. Our passion for consumer justice and fairness drives our desire to get you the best solution possible.

We’re all about handling the grunt work for you. Our letters of complaint are expertly designed to optimize your outcome and the results you deserve. Sit back and watch our professional edge compel your respondent to act.

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What drives our business



Our mission is to provide professional complaint letters that optimize successful outcomes.


Our team shares the vision of holding major corporations to better account.


Goal Oriented

We’re determined to achieve your objectives based on your desired result.



We passionately believe that essential consumer protections should be upheld.

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